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Altama Maritime Assault Low Cut Operators Boots - Black


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Created based on the feedback of Navy SEALs, the Maritime Assault boots are purpose-built boots with only one objective: to complete the mission at any cost. 

Whether your mission is a multi-day trek, or just getting to work, the Maritime Assault boots provide unparalleled functionality in wet or dry environments.

Go through the river, over the mountain, and into the gym with the Altama Maritime Assault Boots!


Made to be Perfect, Wet or Dry

Through The River

Being made for the elite Navy SEALs, the Maritime Assault is a Fin-Friendly boot, meaning it works with many dive fins for underwater operations. Despite being fully submerged, the Maritime Assault maintains solid grip, thanks to the sticky SEAL rubber - formulated specifically for the clandestine operations conducted by some of America's best.

Whether you're skipping or swimming through water, the Maritime Assaults will keep you on your feet. Side drain vents are designed to let water out, making these an ideal outdoor shoe for wading through water, and then confidently climbing a rockface.

Over The Mountain

There is no environment on earth that the Maritime Assaults have not been deployed to. Whether it's the desert mountains of the middle east, the tip of the Rocky mountains, or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Maritime Assault has continued to perform and be the top choice for combat professionals everywhere. 

Offering the mobility of a sneaker but the consistency and support of tactical footwear, the Maritime Assault is a perfect blend of footwear designs. The Sticky SEAL rubber and tread was designed for scaling rockfaces, allowing you to step with confidence. 

Trusted by America's Best Since 1969

Over 52 Years of Trial by Combat

Altama has been a leading manufacturing of Mil-Spec boots for the US Department of Defense since 1969. Altama boots have been present in every conflict since then, and continue to be the top choice for elite combatants around the world. 

Creator of the iconic Panama sole, Altama's innovation and dedication to providing the best equipment to the men and women who serve has continued to be a leading advantage of our military. With over 50 years of proven reliability, there is no intention of stopping now. 

Fin Friendly

Designed to be compatible with Diving Fins, the Maritime Assault works with a large majority of dive fins. A non-marking outsole makes this the perfect footwear on boat decks, allowing you to pivot from diving to enjoying a glass of champagne, all without changing your shoes. 

Smart Features

Dual Drain Vents To Force Water OUT!

ASTM F2913-17 Approved Non-Marking Slip Resistant Outsole

Rubber protective Safety Toe

Crafted by Real Navy Seals

The Maritime Assault may look like a pair of popular sneakers, and there is a reason for that! No one knows what soldiers need better than soldiers, so Altama took a step back and put themselves in their shoes. With feedback from special forces operators, the Maritime Assault was designed based on their specific needs, and perfected to become the reliable boot that is still serving active duty missions today. 

Learn how the Maritime Assaults became the boot of choice for 'Over the Beach' operations from retired Navy SEAL, Pete Scobell.

Preferred by Athletes

Not only are the Maritime Assaults the preferred footwear for Special Operations, they're also a preferred piece of equipment for some of the best Athletes in America. 

A boot that performs under the conditions required for elite military operators has zero issues being an all around gym shoe.

See why US Olympic Gold Medalist, Kami Craig, relies on her Maritime Assaults for her high velocity training regiment to be one of the best Water Polo athletes in the country.

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