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Dozens of outdoor enthusiasts go missing every year, and while many of them will find rescue or trek their own way out, there are always the handfuls per year that are not fortunate enough for either. While a majority of us may never experience a true 'lost in the wilderness'...

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  Any outdoor enthusiast with real or online only experience will tell you that fire is one of the most important aspects to surviving in the wildness. Fire provides warmth, light, and allows you to cook food or boil water. Other important aspects was the creation of forges, utilizing fire...

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In the award-winning novel Hatchet, written by Gary Paulson, we follow the protagonist, Brian, on his long-term survival journey after a tragic plane crash, leaving him the only survivor in the North American wilderness with nothing but a small hatchet, given to him just before his trip. The original novel sees...

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