Titanium Backpacker's Hand Shovel


Titanium backpacking shovel

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Weighing at only 1 ounce, this backpacking shovel is so light, you'll hardly even notice it until you need it! 

Incredibly important for those on extended outdoor excursions, a backpacking shovel is the ultimate choice for digging waste or 'sump' holes near your campsite or off the trail. 

Unlike flimsy aluminum options, our Titanium shovel is incredibly strong but still flexes when needed. The higher tensile strength of our material allows our shovel to snap back, preventing deformations and ensuring consistent use each and every time. 


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Designed to Dig

A Worthwhile Addition to Any Kit

In our ongoing effort to pack smarter, our backpacking shovel fits the bill of providing extreme functionality in a small, lightweight package. Weighing at .9 ounces alone, and only 1 ounce with the included cotton carrying case. 

Proper disposal of waste, whether that be human waste or human generated waste, such as food scraps, requires outdoor enthusiasts to bury their waste when out in the wild. This not only helps to maintain the environment, it's good to keep wildlife from venturing too far into human camp sites. 

Perhaps you need to clear a site for a fire, but lack the tools to make a proper recess for the fire pit. Stop using your hands or knives and use the right tool for the job!

Carrying a full size shovel just isn't in the cards for a lot of people, and especially when backpacking, size and weight mean everything. That's why a small shovel like ours is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, giving you the ability to properly enjoy the outdoors, without breaking your back.

A Function for Every Design

Just making another backpacking shovel wasn't good enough for us. Backpacking shovels have existed for a long time, and the design itself is sound. In an effort to make the lightest possible package, much of the alternatives on the market are aluminum. While this is the lightest possible option, it lacks in durability. Using Titanium in our design, the shovel can still flex and bend to prevent a catastrophic failure, but it will always bend back to shape. Due to the higher tensile strength of titanium, this creates a stronger shovel that cuts through roots and branches with ease. 

Serrated teeth on the point channel roots and branches to the serrations, making removal of those materials in your hole significantly easier. 

Even when encountering large rocks, our shovel's titanium construction prevents any rolling or folds in the tip, ensuring each strike breaks more earth free. The grooved handle removes any sharp points, allowing you to comfortably use this backpackers shovel completely bare handed with no worries. The handle functions as a sharper edge for hard dirt, allowing you to section off an area for removal. 

Why A Shovel?

Practically weightless at only 1 ounce

Burying your waste is better for the environment

Prevents spread of diseases to others

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