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Super Solar Power Bank Wireless Charger


Super Solar Powerbank with Wireless Charger

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This Portable Solar Power Bank will make sure that you are never stuck without a charge for your crucial devices. Charge it via USB or via the sun, and make sure your devices are always powered up. Wireless charging allows you to charge 1 additional device without using the USB ports.

The wireless charging panel also doubles as a spotlight! 



what is the capacity of the battery?

The capacity of the battery is 20,000 mAH, which can charge an iPhone 11 to full 8 times over. This is plenty of charge to keep all of your essential devices powered up.

how long does it take to charge via solar?

This answer entirely depends on the strength of the sun (solar index) in your immediate environment. The solar charging aspect of this device should only be relied on in emergency situations, as it will take longer to charge than via the provided USB cord.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of delivery you are entitled to your money back.



20,000 mAH Battery Pack

2 USB Output Ports

1 USB-C In/Out Port


Charge via Solar Panel, or via 5V Micro USB Cord


Compatible with Wireless charge mobile devices


The power bank is waterproof, so you don't need to worry about getting it wet

Yes, we're serious... it has it all!

Why People in Massachusetts Prefer this Portable Battery Pack

"Charge up at home, then use the solar panel to extend the station’s battery a bit longer with some extra sun power."

1. Its battery capacity is more than enough

With a HUGE capacity of 20,000 mAH, this battery pack can charge a new generation iPhone 8 times over. This is more than enough to keep your essential devices powered up throughout the day.

We have found that most other battery packs on the market often lie about the capacity of the charger. You will often see battery packs advertising a 30,000 mAH, but it is not legitimate. You can trust that this battery pack has been tested and certified to have 20,000 mAH.

2. It charges via USB and Solar

The device can be quickly charged via USB before leaving home, and the battery life can be supplemented by the built in Solar Panel.

Adventurers often place the device on their backpack so that the device is constantly being charged by the solar light above.

3. Robust & Durable

This power bank is exceptionally robust & durable, and has been put through numerous tests through customers around the world. It has been dropped onto concrete from high distances with no damage, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who may face unpredictable environments.

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The World's Best Battery Pack

20,000 mAH Capacity = 8 Full iPhone Charges

Solar Rechargeable, Making it Survival-Kit Friendly

Spotlight flashlight with SOS Strobe

Wireless Charging Compatible

Are you convinced Yet?

When purchasing the Super Solar Battery Pack, you are backed by a 30-day Money Back guarantee.

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