Powerful Mini Flashlight - 2 Pack



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Never be left in the dark with our 2 Pack of ultra-powerful Mini Flashlights. Producing 200 Lumens with the flashlight head or side facing light bar, this flashlight gives you the option of directed light, or area illumination. 

With the USB-Rechargeable design, these lights can provide a nearly infinite hours of operation when combined with one of our solar charging options. Enjoy 6 hours of constant on time on a full charge, with a quick recharge time.

Coming in a pack of two, you'll have illumination where ever you may need it. Leave a light in your car, bug out bag, or use it as an everyday carry thanks to it's 3.75" length and light weight of 2 ounces.


Grab your Powerful Solar Power Bank!

Illumination Where You Want It

Visibility for Multiple Scenarios

Being both a traditional flashlight and lightbar in one, this 3.75" long by 1" wide mini flashlight packs a HUGE punch - 200 lumens, to be exact. The adjustable head allows you to zoom and focus the light to increase the distance of the light throw, reaching up to 100 meters. 

The side light bar offers a wide area of illumination, easy allowing you to light up your entire campsite with this one, multipurpose light. Using the included belt clip, you can easily attach this to the exterior of a pants pocket, shirt pocket, or backpack strap to light your way as you walk, entirely hands-free. 

Switch between Constant On, Strobe, and Light bar functions with a simple click of the button! 

Charge On the Go

In our ever increasing fight to remove disposable batteries from your kit, our newest flashlight meets the form of multiple functions while staying in a small, lightweight package. 

With an aluminum exterior housing this mini light is extremely durable when coupled with a low weight of 2 ounces per flashlight. The exposed charging port on the bottom allows for quick and easy recharging. On a full charge, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of constant illumination. Pair it with one of our solar charges, and keep your lights charged indefinitely out in the field! 


Extremely Lightweight of 2 ounces

200 Lumen output 

Micro-USB Rechargeable Battery

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