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Survival Bag!

What's in the Bag?

A mix of tools, gadgets, and knick knacks that will make your time outdoors more enjoyable!

Survival Mystery Bag


Packed in a 100% cotton canvas messenger bag, our mystery bag contains a variety of tools for the outdoors. What will it contain? Knives? Fire starting tools? The answer to life? What we CAN tell you is that the items inside are worth over $100 at retail value!

Each bag will include a piece of apparel, such as t-shirts, pants, or other accessories. Select your size to get items sized to you! 

Whatever it might contain, the only way to really know for sure is to pick one up for yourself!

*Bag style may vary slightly. All bags have the same composition and size*

Limited Quantity


Essential Tools

Our box can include essential sharp edged survival tools. Whether it's full sized knife, pocket multi tool, or a military style entrenching tool.


While we can't promise a full tent, we can promise supplies and materials that are vital to pop up shelters!

Pure Water

Worried about your water sources? Our boxes can include water treatment solutions to make sure you maintain vital hydration levels in survival situations.

Some or all of these tools are available in our mystery bags! Packed with 100% authentic survival goods, you might find something essential that you missed in your kit already!

Items are picked at random from a variety of products we have sourced to offer you the best tools for a worst case scenario.
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