Never Be In The Dark Again

Glowing Zipper Tags, 5 Pack


Glow in the dark zipper tags, 5 pack

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There's nothing worse than having to find your zippers in the middle of the night. Turning on your light might be too bright or disturb others in your tent. 

Attach these glow tags to your zippers, allowing you to easily find them in the dark. Charge up the stone with sunlight during the day, or give it a quick flash of light to get hours of glow. 

Glow intensity and duration will vary to the level of light exposure.




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Never Struggle with Zippers Again!

Increased Visibility

Available in Green and Blue glow, these glow in the dark tags will help you find your zippers or other objects in low light conditions. Using the included D-Rings, you can secure these tags around tent or bag zippers, or wear them on yourself for easy low-light location identification.

Charge the stone with either sunlight or a flashlight. A quick flash will give several minutes of light - instantly. Longer light exposure, up to 5 minutes, will provide up to 2 hours of glow. 

Attach it directly to your zipper for an easier pull, allowing the glow to direct your eyes towards the zipper pulls. 

Made For The Campsite

The simple yet durable design maximizes the amount of glow, providing extra purchase when pulling on zippers, and is helpful when you want to avoid using a flashlight to maintain privacy or prevent flashing lights onto others in your campsite. 

A worthwhile addition to any outdoor gear, these tags will provide a better night time experience in almost all conditions.

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Charge with a Flashlight

Charge with the Sun

Extremely Lightweight and durable