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First Aid Bandage Kit


Micro First Aid Bandage Kit

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Be prepared for accidents with our bandage kit! Packed with basic first aid items to treat a variety of open wounds. This kit includes:

• Red First Aid Pouch

• 1 Stretch gauze roll

• 1 Triangular bandage

• 2 Safety Pins

• 1 Roll Clear surgical tape

• 10 Sheer adhesive bandages

• 5 Spot adhesive bandages

• 8 Strip adhesive bandages

• 5 Butterfly wound closures

• 1 Pair Nitrile Exam gloves

Packed into a belt-mountable Red First Aid pouch, this kit can go with you just about anywhere!




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What's in the Pouch?

Compact and Super Portable

At such a compact size this first aid kit can be easily added to any existing hiking or outdoors backpack, hydration pack, or even fanny packs! 

The built in belt loop also allows you to wear the pouch right on your hip, ensuring you have instant access to your first aid materials. The bright red color and First Aid label indication make it clear to you, and everyone else around you, that this is a specific kit for first aid situations.

*Disclaimer* For serious medical emergencies, we recommend calling an authorized medical professional for treatment.


Variety of Adhesive Bandages for smaller wounds

Two types of Gauze for larger wounds

Nitrile gloves for sanitation when treating wounds

Adhesive tape to secure or apply pressure