An Unconventional Survival Tool

Duct Tape Men's BiFold Wallet, 2 Pack


Men's Bi-fold Duct tape wallet, 2 Pack

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You're probably looking at this thinking it's some sort of gimmick or trick. 

The only 'trick' here is how useful duct tape can be, especially in a survival situation!

Packing smarter is a benefit to any seasoned backpacker or camper, and this is a great way to get more than one use out of what would otherwise be a singular function item.




Grab your Powerful Solar Power Bank!

The Survivalist's Best Friend - Duct Tape

More Than Just a Wallet

Normally when we think of a wallet we just think of the basics - credit cards, identification, cash, and maybe some membership cards. Out in the wild, none of that stuff really matters though. 

Why carry your everyday wallet if it just takes up space, while not providing any extra functions? 

The Duct Tape wallet may sound like a middle-school trope, but it's actually the survivalist's best friend, next to a dog! Replacement pieces are included, meaning you have more tape than just what's used to make the wallet.

Survival Capable

Anyone who's done anything with their hands knows just how useful Duct Tape can be. Need to seal something airtight? How about binding two things together? The answer to both has always been Duct Tape. 

While it neatly holds your cards and bills like any other bifold wallet, deconstructing this wallet provides you with a few feet of Duct Tape. Not only is Duct Tape great for ANY adhesive needs, it's also flammable!

That's right...small pieces of this wallet can be used in emergency situations to help start a life-saving fire. 

Make sure yourself and a friend or family member are prepared! Order now and receive TWO duct tape wallets for the price of one!

So instead of asking why you need a Duct Tape wallet, you should be asking yourself why you don't already own one! 


Emergency Fire Starting Material

Several Feet of Tape

Holds Everything Your Wallet Will