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Boston Jerky Grass Fed Beef, 2 Pack


Boston jerky grass fed beef jerky, 2 Pack

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From the City of Champions comes the best damn jerky you haven't tried! Made from 100% grass fed beef and natural ingredients, the unrivaled textures and out of this world flavor will have you coming back for more with each bite!

At 2 ounces per pack, each pack of Jerky serves 2, providing a total of 16 grams of protein! The ultimate outdoor snack, Boston Jerky is a healthier alternative than traditional jerkies, as the Grass Fed beef contains a lower fat content.  



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Nutritious and Delicious! 

Not Your Grandpa's Jerky

Tired of the same old bland, hard, or impossible to chew jerkies? We were too - that's why we picked up Boston Jerky! 

Made in the USA in small batches, Boston Jerky uses 100% grass-fed beef, providing a healthier snack alternative that also supports practices that benefit the health of our environment. Healthier isn't the only benefit here - Boston Jerky's unique seasonings pack a punch, leaving you wanting for more after each bite. 

Not only is the seasoning on point, but the textures leave a melt-in-your-mouth feel that can only be rivaled by that of a freshly grilled steak. 

Boston Jerky promises to give you a mouth-watering jerky eating experience, all while providing up to 14 grams of protein which each 2 ounce bag. Lovers of spice will be surprised by the habanero heat of the Wicked Hot, while traditional steak lovers will savor each bite of the Original. 

The Essential Outdoor Power Snack

At 2 ounces per pack, there is nowhere you can go that a bag of Boston Jerky can't follow! Jerky has been a tried and true favorite of backpackers and campers everywhere, but too often are we left short-handed with disgusting, impossible to chew jerkies. 

An essential part of outdoor food supplies is your ability to enjoy the food - as it's much harder to get the caloric intake you need if you can't stomach the food. Boston Jerky has been a consistent companion for hiking, backpacking, camping, and every other outdoor activity where you might want a quick boost for the Point Below team, and now we're happy to offer a taste of our Home State to you! 

Why Grass Fed Beef?

Naturally fed cows contain less fat than grain-fed counterparts

Fresh pasture feeding is better for the environment

Contains essential vitamins and essential fatty acids for a healthier snack

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