Biodegradable Paper Soap, 3 Pack


Biodegradable paper soap, 3 pack

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After a few hours or days out in the brush, hand sanitizer simply won't cut it when you need to wash the grime and sweat off. Our paper soap sheets dissolve with just a little bit of water, giving you a clean, fresh scent without harming the environment.

Lighter than a bar or bottle of soap, the convenient single use sheets are perfect for a single wash. With an Ocean, Lavender, and Rose scents, you'll have options for each member of your party! 

Simply add a small amount of water to begin lathering, and rinse off - it's that easy! These sheets dissolve quickly, making them useful for cleaning clothing and even camp cookware! 


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Fresh Clean, Without the Guilt

Remove Sheet (dry hands)

Neatly packed in the recyclable packaging, 25 individual sheets are included in each pack. Use the entire sheet, or tear it in half to double your uses!

Add Water

By adding just a small amount of water the soap sheet will begin dissolving. Lather in your hands, adding more water as needed until the entire sheet is dissolved.

Lather & Rinse

Rub your hands together as you would when normally cleaning them in a sink. Apply water as needed until the soap is entirely washed off. The suds are minimal due to the biodegradability of our soap.

A Worthwhile Addition to Any Kit

Clean might be relative while out in the brush, but that doesn't mean it's alright to stink! Seriously, our hands are notorious for carrying bacteria and diseases that can make us, or others in our campsite sick. After a day of climbing, hiking, and camp fare, your hands will likely have accumulated some grime. When hand sanitizer simply won't cut it, you need some good soap to help get in deep and wash away the built on dirt.

Our paper soap sheets dissolve completely with just a little bit of water, giving you the ability to get a full, fresh clean even while deep in the woods. With 25 sheets in each pack, and 3 packs in total, you'll have over 75 individual washes! 

If you want to use less water for your hand washing, simply tear a sheet in half to get the same great clean with less water required. Because these sheets dissolve quickly in water, you can also use them for camp laundry and cookware, giving you a deeper clean than you're likely used to out there! 

Made for Nature

Using entirely natural scents of Rose, Lavender, and Ocean, our soap is completely biodegradable. Unlike traditional hand soaps you may have at home, the generation of suds is minimal on biodegradable soaps such as this, while still providing a deep, fresh clean. 

As certain soaps can be harmful to the environment and local ecosystems, you can rest assured that our soap is 100% biodegradable and safe for outdoor use. The cardboard packaging is also 100% recyclable, or very useful as a fire starter if needed. 

Why Paper Soap?

Lighter than a bar or bottle of soap

Biodegradable, not harmful for the environment

100% Recyclable Packaging