5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower


Solar Camp Shower

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Looking for a way to get rid of the outdoor stink? Maybe you prefer to clean up your dishes with a bit of water? For whatever your washing needs, this Solar Camp Shower is perfect for your water based cleaning needs! 

Holding up to 5 gallons, this bag is designed to transfer the heat from sunlight into the water - giving you a warm shower after only 20 minutes in the sun! The On/Off spigot is great to conserve water, or for things such as washing dishes! 

Can't wait for the solar? Just heat up some water over a fire, adding a small amount to cold water inside of the shower. String this up virtually anywhere for a refreshing shower outdoors!




Grab your Powerful Solar Power Bank!

The Perfect Camp Cleaner

Compact Design

All of the contents and the shower bag itself fold up neatly, making this easy to pack. The shower bag is made of multiple layers of PVC, making it thick and tear resistant. 

The included reinforced PVC rod provides extra support when carrying a fully filled shower bag, and increases stability when hanging. 

Made For The Campsite

Hang this on virtually any branch for a quick shower! 

To heat your water, simply fill the shower and seal it up, leaving it in direct sunlight for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to test your water before use to prevent burns!

If you don't want to wait for the sun, you can simply add some hot water to the cold water in the shower bag. Make sure you shake the bag to mix the water temperatures to get a universal temp.


Heats Water With Sunlight

Easy to Hang

Collapsible Design Makes It Easy To Pack