Solar Rechargeable Clip on Cap Light


Solar rechargeable clip on cap light

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Looking to upgrade your headlamp, or just need a hands-free flashlight? Compatible with baseball caps, or any hat with a reinforced brim, this light clips onto your brim to give you light where you need it. 

Get up to 20 hours of light on a full charge, and let the onboard solar panel supplement the power as you go about your day!

This 100 lumen light also comes with a head strap to function as a normal headlamp. Adjustable light angles make sure you can point the light where it's needed, while the wave sensor can help preserve battery life.




Grab your Powerful Solar Power Bank!

Powerful and Versatile

Compatible with any Baseball Cap

The built in clip allows you to easily clip this light securely to the brim of any baseball cap. Simply slide it over the brim and the light is ready to go! 

Providing 100 lumens of light, this cap light cuts through the darkness and lets you work hands free! The design of this light allows the solar panel to charge throughout the day, ensuring you have ample power to last you through the night. With up to 20 hours of use on a single charge, this light can provide multiple nights of illumination on a single charge. The addition of the solar panel extends that even further with regular use.

Smart Features

• 165° degree adjustable pivot head. 

• High beam, low beam, and strobe functions.

• Magnetized rear

• IP44 Waterproof

• Wave sensor to conserve battery life

• Solar Rechargeable

• USB-C Quick charge capable

• Glow in the dark activation buttons

With a 165° pivoting head you can direct light where you need it most. Switch between high and low beam settings to conserve battery life, or provide more light if needed. 

To save even more battery, a wave sensor on the front of the light will activate with motion. This allows you to use short bursts of light when movement is detected, extending the battery life significantly. 

A rear magnet allows you to secure this light to a magnetic surface, directing light where you need it. 

With an IP44 waterproof rating, this light can exist on the brim of your cap throughout all types of inclement weather. 

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Solar Rechargeable

Optional Wave Sensor Activation

IP44 Waterproof Rating

Magnetic Attachment