Top Areas to Hike in New Hampshire White Mountains

Top Areas to Hike in New Hampshire White Mountains

New Hampshire's rugged White Mountains are a hiker's paradise, offering endless trails that wind through dense forests, along rushing rivers, and up to the peaks of some of the highest mountains in the Northeast.

For those new to the area, the popular Franconia Ridge Loop is a great introduction to the area. This 8.9-mile loop takes hikers up the steep Falling Waters Trail to the stunning views from the Franconia Ridge, where they can see Mount Lincoln, Mount Lafayette, and Mount Garfield. From there, the trail continues along the ridge, offering more incredible views, before descending back down to the trailhead.

View from Mount Washington

For those looking for a longer and more challenging hike, the Presidential Traverse is a must-do. This 20-mile route takes hikers up and over the peaks of eight of the tallest mountains in the Presidential Range, including Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. The hike is challenging, with steep ascents and rocky terrain, but the views from the peaks are worth it.

No matter which trail you choose, the White Mountains are a truly special place for hiking. With their stunning views, rich history, and abundant wildlife, they are a must-visit destination for any outdoor enthusiast

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