New England Fall Destinations

New England Fall Destinations

Summer is officially over - at least according to the calendars. As the summer heat fades away across the country, us New Englanders are bracing ourselves for the influx of visitors that make the trip to see the scenic fall foliage that our part of the country is known for. While we still have some time before the leaves start to change, I wanted to prepare this as a guide for you to plan your trip ahead of time. As the fall season looms, the popular destinations swell with visitors for that period of time, so it's imperative to plan ahead and book your accommodations early. As New England is comprised of six different states, each location offers a different experience, while providing the picturesque views of the vibrantly colored treetops. Now if you're going to make the trip here, there's much more to do than just stare at colorful leaves. While the foliage might be the reason you put New England on your trip radar, there are so many great things about Fall in New England that can easily be tied into a nature trek.

Being comprised of six different states, New England boasts a variety of ecosystems, with each state also bearing it's own unique attractions. Our home state of Massachusetts boasts some of the best Seafood in the country, along with a huge number of historical sights and tours, where you can learn more about the founding of our country. If you're looking to tie in some dense urban tours into your trip, Boston is a great destination while still providing quick access to surrounding towns and parks. The city during the fall is certainly a sight to see, with the Boston Commons and Public Gardens offering a slice of nature nestled in the city. Food options are plenty, especially as more fall themed restaurant options open up; pumpkin spice, anyone? 

Massachusetts has a bit more than the city of Boston. Out west to the Berkshire Mountains, destinations like Mount Greylock and the Mohawk trail offer spectacular sights of the fall foliage. The iconic Mohawk Trail stretches for over one-hundred miles, offering plenty of opportunities to take in the different sights. There's no shortage of accommodations along this stretch, whether you want a traditional camp site or a hotel/motel option. The town of North Adams also features the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, which makes for a great destination for any lovers of modern art. 

Up north of our home state, Vermont is known for having quaint towns surrounded by nature. Towns such as Stowe and Burlington are popular tourist destinations, and as such boast a variety of accommodations. Not only is there plenty of hiking and things to see, Vermont is known for fantastic home-brewed ciders. With dozens of tap houses nestled within the towns that dot the state, you'll have no shortage of food and drink to partake in. With plenty of areas for hiking and camping, you'll have no problems completely immersing yourself under the color canopies. New Hampshire also features a plethora of destinations, with the Kancamagus highway being a popular destination for all travelers. This winding road takes you through the White Mountains and several small towns, letting you travel as far or as little as you'd like. 

Of course there is also Acadia National Park, located in Maine. For one of the best, uninterrupted viewings of the annual leaf change, Acadia remains a top destination for locals and tourists alike. With endless amounts of hiking, kayaking, and general exploring to partake in, Acadia offers more than can be done in any single trip. Not far from the park is the town of Bar Harbor, boasting some of the best eateries in the state. Being the most northern state, Maine gets colder earlier than the other states. If you're planning a trip to Acadia in the fall, be sure to pack those layers, as you'll certainly need them. 

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Famous from the Salem Witch Trials in the 17th century, Salem is a must-see October destination. Whether you're a believer of the paranormal, or just looking to get the Halloween fright going, Salem has a variety of haunted destinations, guided tours, and horror houses to make your Halloween the spookiest it can be. For anyone looking to add a little bit of unexplainable wonder to their trip, Salem is a must see destination if you're visiting Massachusetts during the Fall. 

While these are just a handful of ideas, there are dozens, if not more, destinations that I was not able to get to. The entire region of New England is known for our foliage, so it goes without saying that almost anywhere you go, you'll be able to see this in some amounts. There is something special about seeing an entire canopy of a forest, blended in beautiful reds and oranges. But the same can be said for seeing it within the urban environments that we offer as well. Regardless of what you choose, we hope that you consider adding New England to your bucket list, and we know that you'll enjoy it, no matter what you decide!  

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