5 Tips For Buying A Great Backpack

5 Tips For Buying A Great Backpack

The backpack is your lifeblood in the wilderness, so here are 5 tips for buying a great backpack. It fits everything you want and need, so make sure you have a bag that can serve all your needs.

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  1. Weight

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Because a backpack will be your heaviest piece of equipment when it is fully stocked, make sure your backpack is not significantly heavy when empty. Some bags are unnecessarily heavy which will slow you down tremendously. Save the poundage for when you need them, and don’t waste it on your bag.

  1. Frame

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The quality of your backpack directly correlates to the amount of stuff you can carry. Getting a pack with modern materials, a sturdy inner frame, and proper padding will give you the biggest packing potential. When a bag is properly packed it makes it much easier to carry, so make it a double whammy by making your pack the easiest to carry it possibly can be.

  1. Comfort

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An uncomfortable and bulging pack will cut short a trip for even the most experienced outdoorsman. Buying a backpack that won’t be constantly uncomfortable and annoying is key to having an enjoyable experience. Make sure it conforms to your body in a way that suits you best so your backpack will fir like a glove. It’s common practice when buying a backpack to make sure that 80% of the pack's weight is carried by the hips. More than just for comfort, this is saving your back.  Make sure that your pack, when full, is not crushing your vertebrae and pushing discs out of place, save your back and make sure your hips are bearing the load.

  1. Carrying Capacity

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Having a big backpack that can carry all of the essentials with some space to spare is the dream of anybody who seriously loves to hit the trail. Make sure you get yourself a pack that can carry everything that you bring on your trips. Measure out how much space you ideally need, and then round up a bit so you never run out. Included in this are side pockets and spots to clip on water bottles and bedrolls. Being able to clip a water bottle on the outside of your pack saves a ton of space inside so you can fit an extra jacket into your pack.

  1. Materials

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Depending on the weather-specifics of your favorite areas you will need different materials. In a location with a lot of precipitation? Get a water-proof bag to keep your valuables safe and dry. If you are in an area that is hot and humid get a bag that will breathe on your back, so you aren’t swampy and slimy. Weather-specific materials ensure that you are dressed properly, and also ensure that your belongings will remain safe.

Use these 5 tips for buying a great backpack next time you need one to make sure you are getting the most out of your pack as you can.

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