5 Essential Items For A Quarantine

5 Essential Items For A Quarantine

Dangerous disease is driving people to socially distance themselves, here are the 5 essential items for surviving a quarantine. Stocking up on these items will make a quarantine much more manageable.

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Non-Perishable Foods

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They never expire and they do not take up tons of storage space. You do not need refrigeration, and therefore electricity. All you have to do is buy it and forget about it. There are all types of different foods you can get canned, so anything you are craving is possible. Canned food doesn’t have to be unhealthy either. Canned fruits and vegetables are just as good as the real thing, so stock up on them. There are also MRE’s, or Meal Ready to Eat. These are used in the military and are used for soldiers in the field. They are a full meal and contain around 1,200 calories so they are incredibly effective for sustaining you during prolonged periods without fresh food. They include their own heating elements, so you won’t need any electricity to prepare them. The Department of Homeland Security recommends keeping a 2-week supply on hand for these kinds of events.


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Daily medication users must stock up on their prescriptions beforehand. Their access to medication could be cut off leaving them in an extremely precarious situation. Having a supply for at least a month is advised so that you can outlast the droughts that could happen. Just because you don’t have the disease that is shutting everything down, you could still have severe medical problems. Make sure you won't fall victim to a preventable condition from access being cut off.


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Having the creature comforts you need, like tissues and toilet paper, will make a quarantine much more manageable. Stock up on toiletries so you can still have your daily routine intact despite the unusual circumstances. You never know how long a situation like this can last, so having enough for an extended period of time is key. Being prepared beforehand is great so when the time counts you aren’t waiting in line for hours and getting price gouged by your local greedy retailer.


quarantine backups

Having a way to solve all the problems that arise when public services can be shut down at a moment's notice. Especially having backups for electricity, as they can routinely fail or run out of batteries. Having a generator that you could use for long stretches with no power. If you don’t have a generator, get flashlights and backup batteries. You don’t want to be left in the dark in an emergency.

Cleaning Supplies

quarantine cleaning supplies

Disinfectant is your best friend in the fight against contracting a disease. Proper disinfection of both yourself and the surfaces you touch is essential to avoid getting sick. Make sure you have plenty on hand to keep fighting the good fight for the duration of the outbreak.

Keep these 5 quarantine essentials on hand to thrive during one of these pandemic events. Keep you and your family healthy by preparing and responding in the most optimal way.

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