4 Underrated Items to Bring Camping

4 Underrated Items to Bring Camping

Everyone knows the essentials you need to bring on a camping trip, but only seasoned campers know these 4 underrated items to bring the next time you go camping. Read this list and go camping like a pro.

  1. Socks

underrated camping items socks

Good socks, while they may seem like an indulgence with little practical value, are a huge difference-maker. The cushion from a great sock can have a worn-out boot back to feeling like new. Often when footwear is overused the insole can become thin and unsupportive, making it feel like you’re walking with a rock on the bottom of your foot rather than a protective sole. Wearing a great pair of socks (and keeping another pair handy) cushions your feet and can also help with added compression in the calves and midfoot. Compression in the calf and foot boosts circulation and can help diminish muscle fatigue. The benefits from a great pair of socks won’t break the bank like buying a new pair of hiking boots, so make sure you make the investment in your feet.

  1. Duct Tape

underrated camping items duct tape

Is there anything duct tape can’t do? If you need to patch a hole in your tent, reattach a peeling shoe sole, or reinforce a torn backpack strap, duct tape can do it. This all-terrain and all-purpose tape won’t take up a ton of space in storage and costs just a few bucks. Duct tape is known for being able to fix just about anything under the sun and it really is true. It can do anything from make a wallet to fix Apollo 13, and it can definitely help you. Having duct tape handy means you won’t have to turn back on your trip when something breaks, you can fix it and keep moving. Duct tape can come in handy in just about every situation and is an invaluable addition to your supplies.

  1. Portable Power Bank

underrated camping items power bank

Having a portable power bank to charge your phone and other chargeable gear can be a real lifesaver. Especially a power bank that can be charged with solar power so that you can recharge while miles away from the nearest electricity source. If you rely on your phone for weather updates, navigation, and communication you need to have a power source capable of charging your phone multiple times over. Power banks are an inexpensive insurance policy so that you can have a great time in the great outdoors without worrying about dying batteries. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when camping in the wilderness, so make sure that you have a way to get out of any emergencies that may arise.

  1. A bandana

underrated camping items bandana

A bandana may seem too simple to really come in useful when camping, but you would be surprised. It’s not just a fashion statement, a thick and reusable piece of fabric can serve a multitude of purposes. Dunk it in water and tie around your neck to cool off, use it as a pouch for extra storage space, or use it as a tourniquet in an emergency. If the situation is really that dire you could even use it for toilet paper or to draw a map on. Having a reliable piece of fabric that can take a beating and serve multiple purposes is a great asset to any camper.

Make sure you pack these 4 underrated items on your next camping trip and reap the benefits of thinking ahead.

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