4 Tips To Stay Dry While Hiking

4 Tips To Stay Dry While Hiking

Whether it was or wasn’t in the forecast you should be prepared for rain, here are 4 tips to stay dry while hiking. With these 4 tips, you should be able to finish every hike without shivering and wished you had brought another pair of socks.

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  1. Layer Properly

Wearing a hard outer shell that rain can slide off is extremely important to stay dry, but what about underneath? Wearing tighter layers like spandex underneath can help to keep you warm during cold, damp weather. They also help to cut down on bulkiness that can occur when layering up for cold, damp weather. Keeping your skin completely covered will also be a great deterrent to keeping you dry and warm. If you cannot cover your hands with gloves, keep some hand warmers around to get rid of the numbing effect cold and damp hand shave. Being warm and staying dry can brighten an otherwise gloomy day.

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  1. Manage Your Pack

Keeping the contents of your bag dry is imperative, as maps and other delicate objects could get destroyed leaving you in a very dangerous situation. Waterproofing the objects inside using Ziploc bags, and waterproofing the outside will make sure the contents of your pack stay dry as a bone. Also, make sure you keep an eye on how many times you have to open your bag as that could fill it with water and possibly cause damage. Make sure everything you need is readily available so that your pack does not have to be open for very long.

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  1. Manage Your Wet Clothes

If you are going for more than one day, the best thing you need is a dry pair of clothes. And when you change into a new warm pair of clothes make sure you are keeping your wet clothes outside of your tent. If you have wet pants dripping in your tent that water will eventually seep into your sleeping bag and ruin your trip. Water is not your friend in a situation like this as it can cause extremely painful problems with your feet. Protecting your feet is of very high importance as they are the thing carrying you out of a hike. Keep your feet dry and pack extra socks, you’ll need them.

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  1. Bring Trash Bags

Trash bags can function like a multi-tool for waterproofing. They can cover anything you need them to, from your map, to your boots, to a poncho. Keeping these on hand is a great way to be prepared for dreary weather and possible river crossings without needing to bring bulky clothing that takes up precious pack space. They have a million different functions in wet weather so have a few stashed to serve as a savior during a surprise shower.

stay dry trash bag

Use these 4 tips for staying dry to extend the life of all your hikes and keep your body healthy. You’ll be prepared to face any rainy weather or river crossing you have to make.

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