3 Life-Saving Desert Survival Tips

3 Life-Saving Desert Survival Tips

The desert is a foreign environment for most people on earth, which can leave you in dire straights if you encounter one. Take these 3 life-saving desert survival tips so that you can stay alive if you get stranded in the desert. Having 3 orienting priorities will keep you, and those around you, safe when nature tries frying you alive.

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1. Fluids

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Fluid intake is the most important part of high heat survival. You will be constantly losing water due to exertion from sweating. Replacing both the water and electrolytes from sweat should always be at the front of your mind. Dehydration hits much faster than you may think, just a few hours in the heat can do it. Make sure you are also rationing your water so that you don’t run out without being able to replenish your stores. You can be properly hydrated without drinking all of your water at once, so drink enough but not all of your water to sustain you. Always be looking for ways to replenish your stores so that you don’t run out.

2. Clothes

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Dressing correctly is at the top of the list for heat preparation. You want a nice mix of coverage and cooling. Making sure your skin is completely covered from harmful UV rays should be at the top of your list of priorities. Headcover is essential as well, and even though it may feel cooler without coverage, you must wear headcover when in a desert climate. Your head is your most exposed body part so make sure you are covered. Your clothes should be light-colored as this well reflect the most light. Loose-fitting clothes allow heat to circulate, and keep you cool. Using water you find, not your drinking water, and dunking clothes will allow you to cool off as well. Eye protection is also paramount, being blinded by the sun reflecting off the surroundings is a real possibility and you are going to need all of your senses in a survival situation.

3. Shade

desert survival shade

The importance of shade cannot be understated in a desert survival situation. The shade can feel 10-15 degrees cooler. This is because you are avoiding solar radiation that heats up your skin and clothes. Staying in the shade will allow your skin and clothes to cool down, in turn making you cooler and less prone to heat exhaustion.  Direct sunlight is your biggest enemy in extreme heat, limit your exposure and you will be limiting your risk for dehydration. Avoiding fatigue from sun exposure ensures that you will keep all of your mental faculties and have better decision making in a life or death situation. Sunburns can also be debilitating if you are out for multiple days, and sun poisoning can be devastating to your survival efforts. Having ample sunscreen, or clothing coverage will keep you safe from sunburn.

Keeping these 3 life-saving desert survival tips in mind will get help to keep you alive when nature’s thermometer gets turned all the way up. Having fluids, clothes, and shade prioritized will give you the best chance at survival.

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