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Keeps Heat and Moisture Away!

Motorcycle Seat Cover


Sun Reflective Motorcycle seat cover

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No matter where your journey takes you, be prepared for weather changes with this reflective seat cover! 

Not only does it keep heat off of your seat, reducing the temperature by as much as 70 degrees, the reflective material is also 100% waterproof.

Pre-folded cuts and a nylon carry bag make this cover extremely easy to fold up or deploy, and packs nicely to take up minimal space in your saddle or luggage bags.




Grab your Powerful Solar Power Bank!

No More Sweaty Behinds!

HUGE Heat Reduction

If you're a bike lover you've probably had the experience of saddling up on top of a hot seat. The harsh, uncomfortable burning of a leather seat that's been soaking up the sunlight for the better part of a few hours. As you can see above, testing this seat that's been sitting in the sun for only 20 minutes, the seat reaches 146° Fahrenheit. 

Using the cover, we were able to reduce that temperature by 70 degrees! (These tests were conducted in New England summers). 

Don't settle for a sweaty rear end - using this cover is quick and easy, applying it takes less than 30 seconds, saving you frustration and greatly improving your riding comfort. 

No Sun, No Problem!

While the primary purpose of this cover is to reduce the heat from sunlight, it also doubles as a 100% completely waterproof cover. If you're on a long trip, this cover will keep off all types of moisture. From morning dew to torrential rainstorms, this cover has stayed anchored and kept my seat completely dry.

Three bungee straps combined with a magnetized front secure this seat cover tightly. The straps can be attached to foot or passenger pegs, or even wrapped around subframes if the distance to the pegs is too great. 


Water and Moisture Proof Exterior

Reflects Sunlight

Collapsible Design Makes It Easy To Pack

Sewn In Magnets for Tank Adhesion

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